MOVING OPEN BANKING FORWARD IN CANADA: The Roles of Private Industry and Government.

Join us in a conversation with Senator Colin Deacon about the steps that can be taken to advance open banking in Canada for the benefit of the Canadian consumer. In this live webinar conversation, we’ll be discussing:

  1. Delays to Canada’s Open Banking Framework and the negative impact these delays have had on consumers, fintechs and incumbent financial institutions as well as competition domestically and abroad.
  2. How open banking can play a key role in leading Canada’s financial recovery from COVID-19.
  3. Ways that private industry can work with government leaders to reinvigorate Canada’s open banking progress
  4. Bringing open banking to Canada before an official Government Framework has been established.
  5. How OBIC is working with Ozone API to provide Canadian financial institutions and fintechs with the components they need to deliver an open banking platform.

Webinar panellists will include

Colin Deacon – Independent Senator, Senate of Canada
Chris Michael – CEO, Ozone API
Christian Clapton – Co-Chair, OBIC
Hanna Zaidi – Board of Directors, OBIC


DATE: Wednesday, August 5, 2020
TIME: 10:00 am MST/12:00 pm EST
DURATION: 60 minutes